Terrell & Keke’s Adventures Through Time is a spell-binding series that transports readers to world events from the past and future.  Terrell and KeKe discover a hidden cabin and a trunk full of books that will lead them on a whirlwind adventure through time.  Travel with this brother and sister as they learn more about history, and themselves, on their journeys around the globe.

Traveling the Underground Railroad

Their first stop? The Underground Railroad led by the famous abolitionist, Harriet Tubman. On their journey they will travel as runaways and experience the danger, fear and courage that many slaves experienced on their journey to freedom.

Marching to Victory

Their second stop?  The march from Selma to Montgomery led by great leaders from the Civil Rights Movement, including Dr. Martin Luther King.  On their journey, they will experience danger, fear and courage in their pursuit of equality.

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Terrell and Keke's Adventures Through Time